Q&A | "We Hymn"

What about the words of the hymns make them timeless and influential in our walk with God?

I grew up thinking that the word ‘hymn’ was strictly a noun and included only the songs found in a hymnal. But as we dove into this hymn project, I looked up what the word ‘hymn’ actually means, and it isn’t just a noun; it is also a verb that simply means to praise. This struck me so deeply because I think as a Church, at some point, we conditioned ourselves to think only ‘these specific songs written before this date’ can constitute as a hymn—or a praise song. But our God is always moving and doing new things in each generation; and as we experience His goodness and faithfulness, just like the hymn writers of old experienced in their time, we too are compelled to respond with praise songs that declare our love and affection for God. Though the songs of old are lyrically beautiful and have stood the test of time, hymns aren’t just songs that can be found in a hymnal; hymns are being written and sung all the time by this generation and will continue for generations to come...because it’s all praise! I think this is why God asks us multiple times in His Word to ‘sing a new song’...to hymn Him; to praise Him!