MORE: Counting the Cost

I am a firm believer in seasons. Looking back over my life thus far, I can see over and over how months and even years have looked like seasons… Seasons of joy and blessing, of challenge and faith, seasons of pain and loss.

In all of it I can see the mighty hand of God and how He has prepared and pruned me for the next chapter in the story. I love and have been clinging to this hope…

“By His divine power, God has given us EVERYTHING we need to live a Godly life.” (2 Peter 1:3).

He promises that in all things he is more and more equipping and shaping us into His likeness for his glory. If that was it and that was all that summed up my life in the end, what an amazing story, right?

I say all of this to hopefully bring you up to speed on what the Lord has been forming in us. It’s been a while since you’ve heard from us and in that time the Lord has been imparting greater vision and great excitement for the road ahead. With that we see that the days and weeks ahead will require more of us. More faith. More trust. More time and energy. So much MORE! But I can look back and see how God was preparing us in season for what He has in store for us now. I cling to that truth again that ALL I need is in Him. His strength and grace is sufficient, yes even in my abounding weakness and even when i think i’m not cut out for the job. Even still He is enough!

I was reading a few weeks ago in the gospel of Luke and reminded and affirmed of this “more” that is being asked of me through a very familiar passage. If you have some time, go and read Luke 14:25-35. Here Jesus is explaining what is required if you want to be a true & fully abandoned disciple. Taking up a cross, leaving behind all that you love and hold close. And then Jesus says this,

“But don’t begin until you count the cost.”

Those words hit me hard and I feel like I have settled there and for good purpose. I have never really been one to rush into things and almost to a fault I am cautious and careful to determine each step. But this time it has been important for me to consider a greater cost and the real worth behind this call of Jesus. If there is no cost, then what real value does it hold on my life. It’s so easy to live day in and day out so comfortable and content with a label –“Christian” “worship leader” — and yet it having no real deep costly impact on my life. Trust me, that is my natural tendency. I love comfortable and I want to run from those things that will disrupt it.

But the more I know and see my Jesus, the more uncomfortable I want to become because I know the more I will see and identify with him. In this moment in Luke 14, Jesus is not saying that everyone will choose to follow him in this way and I’m sure the majority of those listening to these words chose not to and I get it. It’s much easier to stay comfortable.

Can I be completely candid with you? — I am overwhelmed by the cost. I see God asking for more of me and part of me wants to ignore it and run and hide or maybe convince God that I am inadequate to be a truly abandoned follower. That kind of life is for those radical adventurous spirits, and that’s just not me. But like I mentioned at the beginning — the seasons where he has proven Himself over and over to me, the faith that He has been building, the trust that I have in who HE IS, the sweetness of his presence, all of it is so much greater than any fear I have about the cost. When I consider Jesus and all that he endured to offer us the cross, oh how it stirs and ignites my spirit. Courage begins to well up within me and I know that it is the MORE of his Spirit that enables the MORE!

I hope you can follow my heart on this and I hope that you can take some time to remember the seasons of your life. Remember and see how the Lord has revealed himself to you over and over and given you “everything you need!” I also hope that you will consider the cost of being a follower of Jesus. In this new year I believe God is calling his people closer than ever before. The enemy is putting up his best fight and trying desperately to take as many with him as he can and we must stay close to our Defender and Victor! Don’t let fear keep you from trusting and leaning into Jesus more. It is the best way and he is faithful.

I hope that you will embark on this journey of MORE with us. I am excited to keep you updated this year on all that God is doing and is going to do in the band. Again, we beg you to pray for us when God brings us to mind. There is such power in intercession and more than ever we need to be lifting up kingdom prayers for one another.

We hope this will be a rich year and full of the “MORE” that God has for you! Keep checking back for updates!

That’s all for now…