Power In Remembering

It is amazing to look back and remember where the Lord has brought us. I don’t take the time often enough to journey backwards and just — remember. I am so thankful for pictures and how they can so vividly and tangibly remind me and take me back. I would forget so much without them.

On our way down to Nashville a few nights ago the five of us were just talking and reminiscing about all the stories and experiences we have had up to this point — the good, the bad and the ugly. We were trying to pass time so I opened up an old folder of photos on my computer and just began to look through and literally see so many faces and venues, strange haircuts and awkward outfit choices, just laughing and standing in awe of ALL that God has done and all the places He has put before us.

It almost felt divine that we stumbled on those photos as we were traveling down for some very pivotal meetings and preparing to take some new steps of faith as band. To remember and see what the Lord has done over the years and to really savor the gifts of the journey thus far. Two little girls who loved music and were given the freedom to discover and uncover their passion for it could never have imagined that we would find ourselves here today with already such a story to tell.  When we choose to follow Jesus, life is such a glorious adventure ! I take such comfort and joy in the hand of the Lord on my life, on our lives and today I just delight in what he HAS done and look forward with expectation for what He is going to do.

Take some time to look back and see all that God has already done in your life. I hope you see so many gifts and how the faithful hand of the Lord has been with you every step of the way.

Here are a few of those photos that helped take us back and remember…